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Advantages of car rental

Travel solution
Perhaps you are a guest of our capital and do not want to be interrupted from one public transport to another. The perfect solution would be to rent a car economy class rental and visit with it all the sights of the country that you would like to see.
Private car
You have a great opportunity to feel at the wheel of your own car and appreciate all the delights and disadvantages. At the same time you do not need to pay its full cost. You can take the car for a day or for a longer time.
The decision of force majeure
Making a car rental will not take you a lot of time, so to solve a sudden problem with it — this is the best solution.
To demonstrate your position in front of colleagues or work partners, in order to make the right impression, you can rent a car business class. To do this, simply contact the company "SunWay" and we will provide a variety of rental with or without driver, and also arrange for a business meeting the cortege of cars of business class. There is no doubt that the impression will be clear and fundamental.
Meeting of friends
If there is a need for a meeting for 5-6 people at the airport with all their Luggage, You can undoubtedly solve all their problems, turning to the company "SunWay", which carries a car rental in Minsk . Rent a minibus will solve all your problems, and all at the same time will feel comfortable, and the road will not seem boring and tedious.

Why us?

  • Cars have comprehensive insurance (extended civil insurance policy);
  • Timely passing of inspection and maintenance is provided;
  • The right to rent a vehicle is issued within 15 minutes in the presence of a valid driver's license category "B" and the coupon attached to it;
  • It is possible to deliver the car to a convenient place for you for a fee.

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Calvary street, 24, 2nd floor
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Schedule: Mon-Sun 00:00 - 24:00
The office hours: 10:00 - 20:00