ZHnskoe reservoir

It was originally created for economic and technical needs and is located in the neighborhood Green Meadow. However time goes, and now Tsnyanka — zone vacation. There are several beaches, a Marina, a rescue and a boat station. You can safely come and "post" the place for the whole season — the summer is long. Chance shore on the sand, near a Park with benches, locker rooms, garbage cans. Toilet one, no Parking. But there is a volleyball court for adults, a swing and a play area for children. When planning a holiday in Tsnyanka, we advise you to stock up on water and food: there are no summer and stationary cafes. But on Miroshnichenko street you can find a big supermarket.


Calvary street, 24, 2nd floor
(St. m. Molodezhnaya, TC Crown)
Schedule: Mon-Sun 00:00 - 24:00
The office hours: 10:00 - 20:00