Rent a minivan

Vans and vans without driver

Big company is always fun. Very often gather large companies and want to go to the forest to celebrate any holiday. Or if you meet your distant relatives in Minsk and can't put them all in your small car. The company "Sunway" will always come to the rescue, which offers rental and car rental of minivans and minibuses. All our cars are in excellent technical condition, the salon is dry cleaning. The car before delivery is checked by a specialist and all faults are eliminated in a timely manner. It is very profitable to pay a reasonable amount for transportation on our minibus a small company or relatives. Our company can offer a driver, if you do not have the right, we will do everything in the best possible way, meet your relatives and deliver them to the desired point in Minsk. Contact the company "Sunway", we will be glad to see you as our customers!


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(St. m. Molodezhnaya, TC Crown)
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