Bentley Continental GT

Vehicle information:

Brand: Bentley Continental GT
Year of manufacture: 2016
Color: Black
Transmission: Automatic transmission
Potencia: 6.7
Fuel consumption: 15/17 liters per 100 km
Number of packages: 2
Additionally: Mileage 100 km / day, mileage every 100 km=10$ (25 rubles)

Cost of rent:

For 1 day: 780 rub. (300$)
For 2-3 days: 728 rub. (280$)
For 4-7 days: 650 rub. (250$)
For 8-15 days: 598 rub. (230$)
For 16-30 days: 546 rub. (210$)

Why us?

прокат автомобилей
Cars have comprehensive insurance (extended civil insurance policy)
прокат автомобилей
Timely passing of inspection and maintenance is provided
прокат автомобилей
The right to rent a vehicle is issued within 15 minutes in the presence of a valid driver's license category "B" and the coupon attached to it
прокат автомобилей
It is possible to deliver the car to a convenient place for you for a fee


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