Rental conditions

Rent a car in Minsk today is quite a popular service. It is in demand among Minsk residents and guests of the capital. Cars are ordered for a variety of purposes, so the duration of the lease varies from 1 day to more than a year.

Car rental is most often needed:

For the organization of special events, such as cars for the movement of guests, newlyweds.
For foreign citizens. Cars are ordered by tourists or businessmen from other countries to be able to move around the city and save time and money, as taxi services are much more expensive.
Our company offers car rental in Minsk for various periods of time with flexible payment option. We have a wide range of vehicles from different manufacturers and for all needs.

Car rental in Minsk. We will supply a car to any point of Minsk. If necessary, install the car GPS Navigator, baby seat, Wi-Fi.

Rent a car without a driver in Minsk
Our company has an impressive fleet. If you book a car in advance, it will be completely ready for delivery by your arrival. To arrange a car rental, you must pay the full amount of payment for the required rental period. If desired, the client can extend the lease by making an additional fee. The cost of renting a car depends on the car class and rental period.

Hourly and long-term rental
We offer hourly car rental. Hourly rental starts from three hours, and you can make a reservation by phone by calling our dispatchers. If the lease term exceeds 90 days, the lease is considered long-term. In this case, the cost of rent is considered at lower rates, which is more profitable for the client.

Our car
All vehicles in our fleet is in excellent technical condition. We regularly pass technical inspection, and all cars are fully insured. In addition, we issue life and health insurance for the driver.

Supply car to any point of Minsk
We are ready to bring the car to any place in Minsk, as well as pick it up yourself after the end of the lease.

24-hour reception of orders
We accept orders for cars around the clock. Our operators are ready to provide professional advice and help with the choice of cars.

GPS Navigator and Wi-Fi
Child car seat


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